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Since our doors opened we have been selling, installing and servicing Remote Car Starters. We have outiftted thousands of vehicles with remote starts in Rochester and Western New York (we also happily repair others failed installation attempts!) We feature Remote Starters from  two manufactures Arctic Start and Crime Stopper - leaders in the remote car start industry. 

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If you are located in western New York or any where near Rochester NY & are looking for a remote car starter for your car or truck call or contact us to schedule an appointment. 

If you have questions about remote starter installation or would like additional information about remote starters for Trucks or cars, we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions below.

Remote Car Starter FAQs

What is a Remote Start anyway?
A remote start system is an electronic device that allows you to start your vehicle by remote control without actually being inside the vehicle or using the key. The remote start system supplies the vehicle with power and simulates a start just as if you were inside using the key.

Why should I use a remote start system?
There are many reasons that a remote start system can come in handy. By far, the most popular application for a remote start system is cold weather warm up. Imagine not having to go out into freezing or below-zero temperatures 10 to 20 minutes before going anywhere to warm up your vehicle. The remote start system allows you to simplify your life and take care of this tedious task for you. In the desert or warm climates, a remote start system comes in handy to cool your car down before entering. Imaging not having to sit on a burning hot seat or touch a burning hot steering wheel. Remote starting systems are multifunctional devices that have many applications for private and commercial vehicles.

Are remote start systems safe?
Today’s remote starting systems are packed with safeguards and safety features to protect your vehicle. Crimestopper remote starting systems incorporate in-line fuses to prevent damage due to an electrical short and when using a safety hood pin switch, the system will not start the vehicle if the vehicle’s hood is open. Crimestopper systems also include a Valet mode that temporarily inhibits remote starting. The valet mode is used for having your vehicle serviced or parked by an attendant. There are additional safety features built into the Crimestopper system that prevent the unit from keeping the starter motor from grinding and for faults in the installation or wiring.

What about Automatic or Manual style transmissions?
Currently Crimestopper manufactures remote start systems for automatic transmissions only. This is to guarantee 100% safe and reliable operation. Note that if you install or have a system installed in a manual transmission vehicle, it is UNAUTHORIZED and NOT supported by Crimestopper Security Products Inc.

What if my car has a Factory alarm on it?
This is usually not a problem. Crimestopper remote start systems include what is called an “OEM Disarm” output. The OEM Disarm output sends out a signal to disarm a Factory Alarm system before a remote start to prevent any conflicts with the vehicle’s existing alarm. Once the vehicle is remote started, the Crimestopper system also includes an “OEM Re-arm” wire to rearm the alarm, allowing the vehicle to be protected while running.

What if my car has a passive security system that requires my key to be in the ignition in order to start my car?
You can still have a remote start with these types of systems. Crimestopper manufactures special anti-theft adapters to allow remote start installations with these types of security systems. These adapters are not included with the system and must be purchased separately. Some times these types of security systems require you to get another vehicle key and have it programmed at your car dealership. We recommend that you consult with your installer beforehand.

Will a remote start system damage my car’s computer?
Remote start systems do not cause damage on their own. Sometimes vehicle computers can be damaged due to improper installation of a remote start or from the connection of a particular circuit. This is why it is important to have an authorized dealer install your system. Remote start systems may be above the level of a do-it-yourself or first-time installer. If you are going to try a remote start, we recommend that you should be experienced and have installed alarms or remote start system before. Call Crimestopper at (800) 998-6880 to assist you with dealer locations in your area.

How does the remote start system know when my engine is started?
Crimestopper remote engine starters include state-of-the-art circuitry that monitors your vehicle’s engine. Crimestopper systems use a “Smart” Tachless mode or a Tach Signal input mode. The installer of your remote start system can choose either method for the installation. The“Smart” Tachless mode uses precise voltage monitoring to determine when your engine has started, while the Tach signal input monitors electronic pulse signals directly from the engine. Either of these two methods has been proven safe and reliable for remote starting purposes.

Can my vehicle be stolen when it is remote started?
Crimestopper systems incorporate multiple layers of protection against theft while your vehicle is remote started. When your installation includes keyless entry, the remote starter locks the vehicle while running, therefore it would require forced entry to gain access to the vehicle. Secondly, the remote start system includes a “Brake reset” circuit. In order to get your vehicle into gear the brake must be depressed. If the brake is pressed without your key in the Ignition switch turned to the ON position, the engine will instantly shut down. Thirdly, when using a safety hood pin switch, a remote started engine will instantly shut down if someone forces entry by opening the hood.

How far away can I start my engine?
Crimestopper remote start systems include an Extended-Range (ER) on-glass antenna system. These window mount antenna systems will allow you to start your vehicle from up to 500-1000 ft. away. There are new FM models now available that incorporate special High-Frequency 2-way Paging. FM systems cost slightly more, but offer the luxury of greater range and 2-way paging. With FM 2-Way paging, the remote control is also a pager that receives signals from the vehicle for remote start confirmation. There is not more guessing whether or not your vehicle has started when using these new systems. If you are using a special RS901 add-on model, the range will be the same as your existing remote controlled system.

How long will my vehicle run?
This is usually a feature of the remote start system itself. Typically, the most common run times are around 20 minutes, however the Current Crimestopper models include your choice of four settings that include times of 12, 24, 36, and 48 minutes. Check in your original paperwork to see if your model has the ability for different engine running times.

Can I use my existing Factory Keyless entry remote control for remote start?
This is no problem for most vehicles with a Factory keyless entry system. Crimestopper manufacturers a special remote start system that is designed for use with your existing Factory remote controls called the RS901. The RS901 system can be programmed to interface to the lock/unlock system of your vehicle to allow you to control a remote start with your existing Factory Keyless remote control.

Can I hook up a remote start if I have another alarm system other than Crimestopper’s brand?
Again, you are in luck. Crimestopper RS901 remote start system can also function with most brands of alarm systems that have an Auxiliary channel to activate an optional accessory. The RS901 model system can be connected to the auxiliary output allowing you to add a remote start system onto Crimestopper or other brand of alarm system. This is often called and “Add-on” or “Slave” remote start installation.

Will the Remote start system control my power door locks?
Yes, Crimestopper remote start systems can be interfaced to your vehicle’s existing power door lock system. Interfacing the power lock systems on some vehicles may require extra parts and labor so check with your installer beforehand to be sure if power door locks will be part of your installation. Interfacing the power locks to your remote start increases the overall safety of the installation because the unit will lock the door during a remote start thereby preventing an unlocked/unattended running vehicle.

What type of maintenance is required with a remote start system?
Crimestopper remote start systems are maintenance-free. Other than observing a few minor cautions over the lifetime of the installation, there is NO maintenance. We ask that you remove the two in-line fuses to the system when jump starting your vehicle or placing it on a battery charger. For your own safety, NEVER remote start a vehicle in a closed garage!Exhaust fumes are poisonous and can kill!Be sure to place the unit in valet mode to prevent unauthorized use of your system as needed.

How can I expand my remote start system?
Crimestopper remote start systems can be expanded in several ways. Our current systems include an Auxiliary channel or “Trunk pop” output. This output is designed for interface into vehicles with an existing powered trunk release button. You will then be able to release the trunk with your Crimestopper remote control. There is also an RS300 module that allows your remote start system to turn on your vehicle’s interior light and provide separate drivers’ unlock control. These are all optional accessories and usually require extra parts and labor for the installation, so we recommend that you check with your installer beforehand.

Do you have a temperature-controlled remote start system for extreme cold conditions?
Crimestopper manufactures a special “Cool Timer” Temperature and Timer interface to be used with Crimestopper remote start systems. The RS400 Cool Timer allows you to select from four different low temp thresholds. Once the temp reaches this low level your vehicle will automatically start to prevent fluid freeze-up. The same Cool Timer module also allows you to select four different hourly intervals to activate a remote start at specific hourly time intervals.